10 music festival must-haves to elevate the experience

Definitely a brilliant handful of tips for all first time festival goers.



With Festival Season starting, I decided to ask my Twitter and Facebook followers (and of course some of my favorite “Festie” writers and bloggers) the following question:

“What one item did you not know to bring to your first music festival that you always bring now?”

I took the best of their advice (and a few of my own tips) to give you the following ten items that are guaranteed to make your next festival safer, more comfortable and more fun.


A few years ago, I stood about 3 feet from Dave Navarro’s amp for an entire show at the Roxy in LA. For several weeks I had massive ear ringing and buzzing. I also said, “What?” so many times my friends were at the, “Say what again, say what again. I dare you, I double dare you, motherf*cker” level of exasperation with me.

Fortunately, my hearing returned. But ever…

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The art of being a statue

If you sit as an imitation of a statue life languidly passes you by and easily forgets your watchful eyes.

Don’t twitch, I say, don’t twitch until the swollen, burning lips of the sun have kissed her daughter goodnight.

And then I advise you to find the most intimate armchair and be embraced more thoroughly than a lover at deaths door.

While you sit in that erotic trance, take a sip of those stolen memories, I dare you. Don’t gulp though, taste thoroughly, swirl the secrets around your mouth, twist them with your writhing tongue, embrace them with the hollow warmth that your mouth possesses.

And then tell me what you see.

A Word of Advice to the Youth

It is at this predominant stage in life when logic juxtaposes the need to ride up an Indian mountain bareback on a donkey- something that I personally don’t recommend- So, what do you do? Do you let your spirit sour above the conventional chains of our era, or do you embrace those chains and become the very metal that they are made of? Both are equally as exciting in very dissimilar aspects; on one hand you want to don the chains as many of your parents had done before you but one the other you become afraid that the biting embrace of the metal will keep you from discovering yourself, which often involves forsaking what you have been brought up to believe is the right way to do things. I am here to tell you that there is a choice!

At twenty three I’ve seen my fair share of life. I’ve climbed as many mountains as I’ve slouched in office cubicles; so, I write this for your benefit. Right now you are faced with a rather fantastic conundrum. Yes, I did write fantastic. You are in an era which accepts all kinds of people and ways of life. I expect you’ve seen the ‘indie’ scene blow up, you’ve probably been a part of it. That is a prime example of our generation. The foundation of the ‘indie’ scene was someone realising that being individual was actually a better way to live than being one of the millions of salmon in the sea. You can be different. Don’t worry about the expectations  of the public or your teachers or your parents. At the end of the day, it is your choice and your choice alone. Unless of course cyber technology is being created as we speak which lets your parents mentally control your lives.  

Cracks and Crevises

The palette pushes the redness of your life between the crevices on canvass It is unwavering even as the deathly colour begins to clamber to the freshness of freedom. The mauled remainders lie untouched for mere seconds before her hero arrives. Blue is gentle, a soft caress to the cheek, a gentle wave that washes over you Blue covers the squeezed cracks until death is swaddled in majesty befitting the worlds ceiling. The palette appears angry now, mushing ceiling and heart together like a paste of revenge Until it releases its harsh attitude and wonders off to leave the prey to breath. They gasp and splutter, sending scared whiffs of oil into the atmosphere. They have created purple. They are not ready for purple, ceiling decides but heart cannot detach. They are all joined in radiant harmony, never to be smashed by palette again. Why would it? It had created what it had wanted to.

An Interview with Will and the People

20140522-122846-pm-44926165.jpgFrom left to right: Will, Jim, Charlie and Jamie

A while ago I met the wonderfully unusual band that is Will and the People. You haven’t heard of them? Well, now you have. They are quite honestly the most inspirational and individual band I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and being a fan of. The band consists of four members. The front man and lead singer, Will Rendle is not only incredibly lovely, he also has a raw beauty in his voice that really suits the reggae/pop/ska themes to the band’s music. Then, there is Will’s younger guitar playing brother with an abnormally good taste in hats, Jamie, head banging drummer Charlie and the very tall and talented keyboard player Jim. I loved the whole atmosphere of being involved in such an unusual event, I mean, how often can one brag about not only having a full conversation with their favourite band, but also being involved in their music video?

This small interview was done at a small one day festival in Devon called Lemonfest about a week later. Honestly, for a one day festival, it was excellent.

Unfortunately, Charlie couldn’t be there, but Will, Jim and Jamie were more than happy to answer my questions.

How do you compare playing in a normal gig to playing at a festival?

Will: I would say that, essentially they are exactly the same, but the people are coming for very different reasons, you know? It’s nice to play outside as well. And, at a day festival such as this people just come to let loose.

Jamie: there are people stumbling onto new music as well, which is really cool.

When I met Jim and Jamie they mentioned that they played squash together and I couldn’t resist asking them about it.

Who would win in a squash match?

Jim: Jamie.

Because he’s the best?

Jamie: I used to do it as a sport at my school. Squash is all about teckers*!


Jim: He coaches me as well sometimes, giving me little tips and tricks.

Jamie and Will, was there any sibling rivalry growing up?

Jamie: Not growing up but there definitely is now.

In what sense?

Will: we just fuck each other off. We’re very different but not dissimilar at all.

So it’s fun, living together?

Will: Yeah. It’s kind of annoying for me, to have my younger brother in the band, but very healthy at the same time.

As a fan of the band and a hopeful about their every widening fan base I have always hoped that one day there would be a film made about them.

Who would play you in a film about your lives?

Will: Bradley Note, from Sublime.

Jim: George Harrison.

What about Charlie?

Jim: The drummer from Foo fighters. He looks like Charlie don’t you think?

Chinese or Fish and chips?

Will and Jim in unison: Chinese!

Jamie: Fish and chips. A good fish and chips though!

Madness or the Specials?

All: The specials.

Brighton or Amsterdam

All: Brighton

Hotel or Yurt

All: Yurt.

Jamie: Well, it sort of depends. If the yurt in Yeovil or something, then maybe not.

Spaniel or Terrier?

Jamie and Jim: Terrier

Will: Um, Terrier!

Yoda or Vader?

Jamie. Yoda. Definitely Yoda. – said in an obvious, duh voice.

Jim and Will: Yoda

Will: It’s just the obvious answer isn’t it?

Rihanna or Adel

Jamie; Adel

Jim: Well, it depends if you’re talking singing or… General aesthetic.

After several moments of argument, they all agreed upon Adel, after I cleared up it was about the voice, not the ‘general aesthetic’ as Jim so eloquently put it.

VW camper van or Range Rover?

Jamie: VW bus. – Again with the duh tone.

St Lucia or Scottish mountains.

Will: wherever’s hottest.


Shakespeare or JK Rowling

Will: Shakespeare- Will and Jamie have the same duh tone when they speak of the obvious, it must be genetic.

Jamie: Well, I mean, to be honest, JK Rowling is probably the Shakespeare of our day isn’t she? The story lines in Harry Potter are brilliant, but, I mean, Shakespeare a bit of a legend as well.

Scrumpy* or Bordeaux

Jim: I would say scrumpy.

Will: Bordeaux.

Scrumpy* Rough strong cider, especially made in the West Country of England.

As you burst onto the music scene in the Netherlands, did you have to change your image?

Jamie: No, not at all. In fact, our image sort of became stronger as we got bigger in Holland.

Jim: And as we learnt why people liked us.

How are the fans different in Holland, compared to the UK?

Jamie: The fans who love us, I don’t think there is any difference. I think, in England maybe the fans understand the lyrics a little bit more, but in Holland it’s like the same man, I mean, Dutch people speak English so well and they understand the lyrics. They get it. I think we just have more fans in Holland, so it’s in a bigger scale; it’s a bit crazier.

One word each to describe Will’s roller skating

Jamie: It’s good. Actually, if you saw him in proper, inline skates with four wheels then you’d really see how good he is.

Will: Aggressive. Very aggressive.

Jim: Fearless. He’s the kind of skater who will just go for it so hard that he’ll fall over, get back up, and be absolutely fine.

What is the most unusual place you have been recognised?

Jim: Um, I got recognized in a local petrol station, which was quite funny.

Jim: Paddington station as well, which was really strange. No one in England really knew us back then.

Will: I was recognized once in Kathmandu Airport by a guy with dreadlocks.

What does Charlie do to look after his hair?

Will: Nothing.

He dyes it blond though doesn’t he?

All: Yeah – they are rather good at the unison of answers, great minds must truly think alike.

Will: I reckon, one day, he will arrive at a rehearsal with short hair. He will do it and shock us all.

If each of you could name yourself after a character from Lord of the Rings, who would it be?

Jamie: Charlie would have to be Legolas.

Will: I know I’m not like him but I would definitely be Aragorn.

Jim: If we’re being honest I’d probably be like Gimley. I think Jamie would be Samwise Gamgie.

Jamie: I have hairy feet.

None of us can predict the future, but have a guess. What will it be in five years?

Will: I’d like to be able to speak Spanish fluently and I could be homeless. I might be mega rich, on the other hand, or I could just be normal.

Jim: I want to live on a beach, and grow some fruit.

Jamie: I’d love to still be playing music with Will and the People. That would be amazing.

Jim: That too.


Check out the link to their two most recent music videos, the top is the roller-skating video.

Shakey Ground https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsNdWrinKpU

Trustworthy Rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ1nc-Vl38Y

Will and the People website http://www.willandthepeople.com/